PhD Theses Supervising
In Development (Main Supervisor)
Α.Μ. Κanzola, Human Capital, Production Structure and Social Identity
D. Valsamis, Microfoundations, Bounded Rationality and Policy Under Uncertainty

Completed (Main Supervisor)
Κ.Η. Κafka, The Relative Creditworthiness of Development and Growth Theory, 2020
P.Χ. Κostis, Essays on the Economic Crisis in the European Economic and Monetary Union, 2017
Κ. Stratis, “3 Tales of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)”, 2016
Χ. Basdekis, “Capital Cost and influential factors in a single market: The case of the European Union”, 2009
D. Kainourgios, “New Financial tools, industrial development and effectiveness of the Greek Capital Market”
D. Stamatakis, “Economics of Education: Issues on Growth”, 2004
Α. Samitas, “The importance of the parallel market of Athens Stock Market for the structure of the Financial Position of Small-Medium Enterprises and the possibility of financing. Relations of Markets’ co-integration, informational influence and analysis of facts”, 2000
P. Fotopoulos, “Non profitable Organizations. Their Importance and management”, 1999