PhD Theses Supervising

A list with the PhD Theses in which Professor P.E. Petrakis served as the Main Supervisor or as a member of the three member comittee or a member of the seven member comittee.

In Development
Main Supervisor
P. Kostis, “A Critical Assessment of Bail-out Policies: The Cases of Greece, Portugal and Ireland”
G. Pavlou, "Growth and Inequality: The role of Technological Progress and Human Capital"
Member of the three member committee
K. Stratis, "Is BookBuilding the Optimal IPO Allocation Mechanism?"
F. Fotopoulos, "An empirical investigation of the existence of a bank lending channel and its consequences on the Monetary Transmission Mechanism of the European Monetary Union"
V. Vlaseros, "Experience, Ability Level and Overconfidence Evolution in the Corporate Setting"
G. Savakis, "Determinants of the capital structure of small and medium sized listed enterprises and the role of the ownership"


C. Basdekis, “Capital Cost and influential factors in a single market: The case of the European Union”, 2009
D. Kenourgios, "New Financial tools, industrial development and effectiveness of the Greek Capital Market"
D. Stamatakis, “Economics of Education: Issues on Growth”. 2004
A. Samitas, "The importance of the parallel market of Athens Stock Market for the structure of the Financial Position of Small-Medium Enterprises and the possibility of financing. Relations of Markets’ co-integration, informational influence and analysis of facts", 2000
P. Fotopoulos, "Non profitable Organizations. Their Importance and management", 1999