Courses in Master of Science Programs

The courses Professor P.E. Petrakis teaches in the Master of Science on "Applied Economics and Finance" and in the Master of Science on ""Applied Accounting and Auditing".

Greek Economy: Critical Development Issues
The course is teached in the Master of Science on "Applied Economics and Finance". This series of lectures focuses on today’s issues concerning the enlargement and development within the Greek economy and society. For this reason, the lectures centre on a) the main features of the developmental model that was adopted by the Greek Economy until the crisis of 2008-2010, b) the characteristics of the economic crisis of 2008-2010, c) the main developmental problematic issues of the Greek Economy and d) the developmental perspectives of the Greek Economy. The lectures are delivered in two levels. The theoretical level in which the long term issues of economic developmental thought are being discussed and more specific level with Greek reference.


Mathematical Finance: Risk and Investment Evaluation
The course “Risk and Investment Evaluation” is taught for the purposes of the master degree program on "Applied Accounting and Auditing". It concentrates - in an advanced level - on the appraisal methods of investment decisions, on kinds of risk deriving from the exploitation of such investments, as well as on the decision of taking the appropriate measures for the avoidance of bearing investments’ risk. The kinds of risk analyzed are the systematic risk which is dependent on macroeconomic variables and difficult to be diversified and the non – systematic risk which is underlined to microeconomic variables and the level of risk can be better diversified. In such context, the analysis of the course penetrates in the sense, concept and role of the time value of money and the separation of the interest of investment movements.  The level of market’ interest is dependent on the degree of capital structure of business and – in turn – alters the investments risk and the return.