Courses in Bachelor Program of Economics

Economic Policy in Greek Economy
The course aims to show the transformations of the Greek economy through various policies or procedures, their consequences (positive or problematic), the problems encountered, and in general the changes made and the position and the prospects of Greece in the European and global system today. In addition, students will understand what economic tools (even some non-financial information) are important for assessing the economic dynamics and economic policy of Greece.
 Code: ECO424
Semester: B


Analysis of Investment Decisions
The course Evaluation and Investment Decisions is divided into two main parts. The first part focuses on understanding the process of making business - investment decisions under conditions of certainty. In particular, it analyzes the concept of time and its importance in investment decisions using appropriate valuation methods. The second part presents the analytical process of making investment - business decisions under conditions of uncertainty. In particular, we analyze alternative uncertain situations, using statistical methods and describe the capital assets pricing model (CAPM) and the concept of financial structure.
Code: ECO426
Semester: A


Introduction to Banking
The course commences with a brief review of consumer choice theories (i.e. asymmetric information, adverse selection, moral hazard) that apply to financial transactions.
Next, the modern financial system is described as part of the global economic environment, while the role of international organizations (IMF, ECB, etc.) is thoroughly analyzed.
Moreover, the course presents some of the most important methods of financing and the way that modern financial engineering tools can be utilized for effective risk management strategies.
Last, the financial crisis of 2008, the fundamental disequilibria that caused it and its consequences on global economic activity, are briefly reviewed.
Code: FIN333
Semester: A


Special Issues of Economic Development: Entrepreneurship
The course “Special Issues of Economic Development: Entrepreneurship” aims to supply students with appropriate safeguards in order to understand how the business environment in Greece operates, what is necessary to establish a new company and how it can be viable and competitive, what difficulties arise both during its establishment and operation and how they are treated promptly and effectively, and the contribution of entrepreneurship to economic development and social welfare. Also during the course, students learn the concept of business planning and how to make business plans or create their own virtual business. In addition, students are given scientific papers published in international scientific journals, in order to acquire additional knowledge and skills.
Code: ECO481
Semester: B